Walk-in Access Program Updated:08/2015

WIA strives to be a very convenient program with both the hunters who use the program and with the landowners that enroll lands. Other than holding a small game hunting license and associated requirements, a hunter does not need a special permit to hunt on Walk-In Access Properties. However, hunters do need to mindful that their actions when hunting on these lands are a critical factor in a landowner's decision to enroll property. With that objective in mind, please remember these important regulations: 

  • Regular Walk-In Access Properties are open for access on September 1 through the end of February.
  • Late Cropland Walk-In Access Properties are open for access from the opening day of pheasant season through the end of February
  • Lands enrolled in and posted as Extended Walk-In Access properties are open from the opening day of pheasant season through the end of March annually.
  • Statewide, species of take is restricted to small game, furbearers and waterfowl; Hunters may not hunt or harvest Gambel’s quail, Gunnison sage-grouse or greater sage-grouse from Walk-In Access Properties. 
  • Public access is permitted from 1 hour before sunrise to 1 hour after sunset; For waterfowl hunting, access is allowed from 2 hours before sunrise to 2 hours after sunset. 
  • Access shall be by foot only. Entry by horseback, motorized vehicle or other means is prohibited. 
  • Access is prohibited as posted when the landowner is actively harvesting crops.
  • Access to all Walk-In properties is for hunting only. Hunters must comply with Habitat Stamp requirements.


Hunters can contribute greatly to the Walk-in Access Program's success by remembering one of the program's core rules: Be considerate of the landowners who choose to participate in the program and those who do not participate. Other guidelines for the use of these properties include: 

  • Public access to these private parcels will be permitted for hunting small game, waterfowl and furbearers only. 
  • All hunting must occur during established seasons as listed in the interactive 2014-2015 Small Game Regulations Brochure and the interactive 2014-2015 Waterfowl Regulations Brochure
  • Park where there is no danger of fire. 
  • Leave no trash in fields. 
  • Do not clean game in or along the edges WIA properties.  
  • Determine field boundaries before hunting.  
  • Access for big game hunting is allowed only with landowner’s permission. Small game hunters will have access to Walk-in properties during big game seasons.  
  • Hunters must walk into enrolled properties.  
  • Access by vehicle, horseback or other means is prohibited. 

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