Mosca-Hooper Conservation District Updated:10/2016


The mission of Mosca-Hooper conservation District is to provide leadership in Natural resource Management for the betterment of all present and future residents of the district through education and example.


Mosca-Hooper Conservation District, a county-wide district in Alamosa County, was established on May 12,1943. Overall the district has a conservation history of almost 51 years.

Mosca Hooper-Conservation District encompasses all the land in Alamosa County except for those areas that had been previously excluded.  Total acreage within the District is 462,000 acres. There are 317,000 that are private and 145,00 that are public lands.


The Mosca-Hooper Conservation District is proud of their achievements. The board of supervisors is composed of a variety of super visors that come from all reaches of the agriculture community. The talent that the board brings ensures sound manage of all natural resources within the district.


The board has a tradition of service, not just to local producers, but to small acre landowners and to various agriculture and education entities throughout Alamosa County, the San Luis Valley and the State of Colorado.

Contact Mosca-Hooper Conservation District


Contact Mosca-Hooper Conservation District

Kelley Baily
District Manager
101 South Craft Drive
Alamosa, CO  81101
Phone: (719) 589-6432
Fax: (719) 589-0613

Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Alamosa County, Colorado