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Find information and resources in Eastern Plains Region


Alternative Energy and Green Building Resources

Alternative and Clean Energy Information, Best Management Practices, Energy Saving Products, and Local Professionals to help with your Green Building and Renewable / Alternative Energy Goals.

Conservation Resources

Information on Conservation Markets, Carbon Credits, Mitigation Banking and the resources and professionals to help.

Farm Resources

Information, Best Management Practices and Resources to help you conserve your farm and pass it on to your family. Also we have information on Agritourism, Organic Certification, and Beginning Farmers.

Federal and State Conservation Programs

Find grant and assistance programs, Extensions, and Resource Conservation Districts to help achieve your conservation goals.

Forest and Fire

Forestry and Fire information on Prescribed Burning, Wildfire Preparation including; Firewise Communities, Best Management Practices, Carbon Sequestration, and Forestry Management.

Invasive and Native Species Resources

Learn about invasive species which are a leading threat to biodiversity where the economic cost is as significant as the ecological cost.

Oil and Gas Resources

Information on: Eminent Domain, Mineral Leases, Mineral Rights, Surface Use Agreements and Voluntary Conservation Practices for Oil and Gas Development.

Outdoor Recreation

Information and resources on: Cultural Tourism (history and culture), Nature-Based Tourism, Hunting & Fishing, and River Recreation.

Tax and Estate Planning

Tax and Estate information and resources on: Succession Planning, Conservation Easements, Tax Credit trading and 1031 exchanges.

Water Quality

Information and resources on: Irrigation, Surface Water Laws Rights and Appropriations, Groundwater, Livestock Watering, Water for Wildlife and Native Plants.


Information on Wildlife, Native and Invasive species including info on: Native Species, Game and Non-game Wildlife, Federally Listed Species, Species of Special Concern, Non-native Wildlife and invasive species.