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SoBo’s Mission:

Our mission is to sustain a reputable company that performs residential remodels in and around Boulder.  Collaboration with enjoyable people is our method to create thoughtful spaces.  We draw on our honesty and integrity to achieve fulfillment for our clients and ourselves.


We believe our reputation means everything.  We strive to be stable respected members of the community.  We want to be a resource for people who need help with their homes.  We try to achieve this by taking care of our clients.

This is central to how we operate.  From design through construction, we believe a team of qualified people will create the best product.  This team includes:

  • Our clients.  We see the homeowner as the most important designer on the team.  We believe homeowners generally know what they want and what the shortcomings of their properties are.  We have opinions and aesthetics, but our goal is to create projects that resonate with the owners and address their needs.
  • Subcontractors.  We rely on specialty tradesmen to help advise us with all of our construction decisions.  We also depend on these small independent companies to execute quality work in a timely fashion.
  • Architects and Designers.  These design professionals can be a huge asset for a residential construction project.  They can help create a certain flavor and we enjoy working with these artists to create transcendent homes.
  • The SoBo Team.  Mike and Eric have developed a special relationship built on trust, respect, listening, and compromise.  They bring their sensabilities to every SoBo project.  SoBo’s project managers are the orchestraters of construction.  Their communication and coordination skills keep our jobs running smoothly.  SoBo’s team members lean on each other for all aspects of design and construction.. and we consider ourselves stronger because of this.

Design Philosophies:

Here are some of our fundamental design values:

  • The house must flow properly to be successful.  We spend a considerable amount of time with each design to create a floorplan that is easy to live with.
  • Open and bright public spaces are inviting and feel generous.
  • Secluded private spaces feel comfortable, intimate, and relaxing.
  • Outdoor spaces that blur the lines between inside and outside should exist in every home.  After all, isn’t that one of the things we all love about Colorado?!
  • The project scope is attainable for the amount of money available
  • Every square foot must be used wisely.  Every space needs to be used.
  • Pay holistic attention to how the house performs (heat, insulation, solar, etc.)
  • Any additional or remodeled spaces needs to be in proportion with the rest of the house.
  • Provide plenty of smart storage.
  • Accentuate a property’s virtues and eliminate the shortcomings.

Building Philosophies:

Here are some central values that drive almost all of our decisions:

  • Spend money wisely.  Every project is a balancing act.  Priorities must be made.  Everyone has a finite amount of money he or she can spend.  We see it as our job to reconcile wants with resources.  A home construction project is like a pie.  There is only so much pie.  How do we allocate the slices?  Who gets a big slice?.. Maybe the kitchen.  Who doesn’t get any pie?  That existing basement bathroom might not.
  • Make the addition look seamless with the existing house.  We love to go the extra mile to help erase any trace that the house wasn’t built this way from the beginning.
  • Be respectful to the property and to neighbors.  This circles back to our mission statement.
  • Ease of maintenance and use.  We want our homes to work well and age gracefully.  A big part of executing this is choosing the right materials and thinking through all the details.
  • Recycle and reuse everything we can.  We’ve spent considerable effort figuring out ways to keep construction debris out of the landfill.

Green Design, Green Building:

SoBo Homes has been dedicated to green building since the company’s inception in 2003. To us, green building is much more than a trendy feel good term; it’s central to every project we’re involved with. We consider it part of being responsible members of society.

  • Green Design: Green homes start with Green design. We are passionate about remodels and additions largely because we’re improving upon an already existing structure and foundation. Furthermore, we strive to make every square foot of space work hard in our projects. We can often accomplish our clients’ needs without adding square footage; and when we do add space to a house, we focus on keeping the building envelope simple and efficient.
  • Conspicuous Consumption: We feel a strong responsibility to limit the consumption of resources. As builders, we create large amounts of debris.  We also buy huge quantities of new materials.  As a result, we dedicate large amounts of time and energy to reuse and recycle whatever we can. Old framing, metal ductwork, cardboard, etc: what can we do to avoid throwing all of this into the trash?!
  • Smart Houses: One of our primary goals with every structure we touch is to make it run as efficiently as possible. We pride ourselves on having a holistic approach to how a house works. We strive to take all of a structure’s characteristics into account when we plan changes.
  • Quality Thermal Envelope: The best way to minimize the use of fossil fuels in a home is to employ high performance insulation and quality windows. This translates into minimal heat loss during the winter and minimal heat gain in the summer.
  • Efficient Appliances: A high efficiency furnace or boiler means that you are using as little natural gas and/or electricity as possible. If we’re thinking of adding space, how can we keep the building envelope simple and tight to minimize excess heat loss/gain? “Energy Smart” appliances in your kitchen and laundry further decrease gas and electrical consumption
  • Breath Deep and Relax: Indoor air quality is a major concern. With increased attention to making a structure air-tight, there must be increased attention to the air we breath when inside. Especially when children are concerned. We strive to mitigate exposure to the toxins inherent in many home products.
  • Taking Control: Ultimately, there are hundreds of choices made with every construction project. Money drives a lot of these decisions. We must prioritize and allocate the money accordingly. Green building is no different. How important is it to you? Here is some rhetoric to get you thinking: Why spend $20,000 for a high end radiant floor heat system and $4,000 on standard fiberglass insulation? Why not spend $20,000 on insulation and $4,000 on a simple forced-air furnace?! What if it cost $800 MORE a year to run the radiant heat because of the inferior insulation? What’s greener?

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