Peter McCarville Updated:06/2016

Peter is a practicing consulting geologist, geological guide, and educator living in Colorado for the past 33 years. After receiving his bachelor's degree from the Colorado College and his Master's degree in geology from the University of New Mexico, Peter worked for the federal government at Los Alamos National Laboratories in New Mexico.

Peter decided to return to Colorado and pursue a fantasy of being an organic farmer and living rurally. During this period he developed an organic vegetable farm, built and operated a guest house on the farm, and started guiding and teaching adults geology.

His interest in teaching adults has lead to guiding and program design for Mountains and Plains Institute (MPILLS). He leads hiking and skiing trips for MPILLS with cameo appearances on other programs to help explain the geology and natural history to guests. Peter emphasizes safety, fun, personal challenge, and education on the courses that he leads for MPILLS. “For me, the best reward in guiding guests is the fun I have sharing the beauty of the place I call home and conveying complex natural history in layman's terms.”

In addition to rocks, Peter's interests are in Colorado state history, including native cultures, skiing, hiking, resource and energy issues, food growing and preparation, green construction, baking, and living simply. He resides in rural western Colorado.

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