Questions to Ask of a Conservation Easement Appraiser

To help you, the landowner, select a properly qualified real estate appraiser, the Division of Real Estate offers several questions you may want to ask any appraiser before making the decision to retain her, or him. Not every real estate appraiser has the necessary education, experience and training to prepare the complex reports required of them. By selecting an appraiser who is competent in the area of conservation easements, you are likely to save time and potential problems. While the amount of the professional appraisal fee is an important consideration, it is critical that the service and product you receive is reliable.

Many landowners select an appraiser based on word-of-mouth referrals from other easement donors, attorneys, accountants, or industry groups. These can be excellent sources of information, but every landowner should take steps, before selecting an appraiser, to verify such information. Do not hesitate to ask for and then check references of any professional.


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