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The Colorado Ecological Service Field Office recommends whether plant and animal species should be listed under the Endangered Species Act, plans and coordinates the recovery of listed species, and reviews Federal projects that may affect listed species.

We provide biological advice and assistance to Federal and State agencies, industry, and members of the public concerning the conservation of fish, wildlife, rare plants, and their habitats. Our biologists assess the potential effects of projects on threatened and endangered plant and animal species and migratory birds. In Colorado, these projects typically include activities such as oil and gas development, ski area development, mining, utility lines, and highway construction. We also assess the effects of contaminants on fish and wildlife. We then recommend ways to avoid, minimize, or mitigate harmful impacts on fish and wildlife resources and their habitats.

We have two offices to efficiently serve our conservation partners. Our office in Lakewood at the Denver Federal Center works primarily on Eastern Slope issues. Our office in Grand Junction works primarily on Western Slope issues.

Colorado is also home to the National Black-Footed Ferret Conservation Center. The Center has developed a successful captive breeding program, which establishes breeding adults in captivity, while continuing to return black-footed ferrets to the wild. For more black-footed ferret recovery information, please visit the Service's website or the Black-Footed Ferret Recovery Implementation Team's website.

Western Colorado Field Office

445 West Gunnison Ave
Suite 240 
Grand Junction, Colorado 81501-5711
Telephone: (970) 243-2778
Fax: (970)-245-6933
Office Email:

National Black-Footed Ferret Conservation Center

P.O. Box 190 
Wellington, Colorado 80549
Telephone: (970) 897-2730
Fax: (970) 897-2732
Pete Gober 
Recovery Coordinator



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Susan Linner
Colorado Field Supervisor
P.O. Box 25486
Denver Federal Center (MS 65412)
Denver, CO  80225
Phone: 303-275-2370
Fax: (303) 236-4005

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